Thar she blows!

Go whale watching in a boat and you’ll see spouts and maybe flukes. Fly with us and you’ll see whales!

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Flower Fields bird’s eye view

The best view of the world famous Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. Breathtaking view, and then you also get to fly along the beach.

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Where Dreams Take Wing

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The Real McCoy

The tachometer in our bird is original equipment, and the same as the one used by Charles Lindbergh when he flew across the pond. The classic art deco Travel Air ManufacturingRead More

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Vintage Beauties

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Captain Biggles

Dirt to port, water to starboard? Then you’re headed south (in California, that is.)

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That hard to reach place

You know how there are times when you’ll do almost anything to scratch an itch? Yup, airplanes get them, too. That’s why we need mechanics.

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Some history

In an earlier life, our “Olive” was one of seven Travel Air 4000 trainers for Oliver Parks’ Parks Airline. Parks Air College Airlines (PACA) was awarded a contract airmail route,Read More

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McClellan-Palomar Airport (KCRQ) - Carlsbad CA

  • The most fun you can have with your clothes on.
  • Wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth. Now THAT's flying!
  • Amazing, we could see the Hawaiian Islands. At least that's what our pilot said.
  • High and low, fast and slow, that's the way we wanted to go!
  • Just like Snoopy and the Red Baron. Only better!
  • Our dreams took wing!
  • Amazing. We relived the golden age of aviation in the skies of San Diego - the capital of aviation in the 1920s.
  • Our pilot said we could have a gentle ride or a thrilling one. And we could change our mind either way. And we did!
  • So yesterday I became a little boy. Again.
  • For awhile, I was in Seventh Heaven yesterday.
  • I'm back down here . . . wishing I was back up there.
  • We just went flying for no reason whatsoever. And boy are we glad we did!
  • The best (expletive) birthday present ever!
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