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A Biplane Fun Flight over San Diego North County, a perfect gift of adventure for someone you adore (or just kinda like but want to have some good fun yourself!)  Too cool not to try, an adventure for your soul!

It’s real flying, flying like it used to be. In helmet and goggles you’ll re-live the good ol’ days flying in a 1929 open-cockpit biplane!

DSC_0067There’s room for two passengers in the front cockpit (the pilot flies from the rear where he can keep an eye on you).  Please be advised that if two passengers will be flying together, they cannot weigh more than 400 pounds combined weight. A single passenger not more than 250 pounds. (People were smaller in 1929 than we are now!)

The price is the same for one or two, so bring your spouse or significant other (both not recommended).

You can also just fly by yourself and relish the silence (well the Continental radial engine makes some noise but it’s sweet).

We fly along the coast or we can go inland too. Tell us where to go. Other people sure do.

Is it safe? Friend, this exquisite 1929 Travel Air 4000 has been flying for 89 years. Does that tell you something? It has better equipment now than when it was new, too (brakes, for example). Furthermore, our pilots are sober, don’t chew or spit, and have never cracked up.

We’ll take you wherever you want to go. But not Paris, that tall skinny guy did that two years before our aircraft was built. Started the trip from right here in San Diego, too.

LoisGoggles copy
We’re not responsible for kids who fidget, fuzzy directions, blatant localism, ants, crabby spouses, slow traffic, bad hair days, red lights, earthquakes greater than 2.0 magnitude, menudo, full parking lots, or telephone busy signals. We reserve the right to refuse service to cry babies and whiners. If we did something that made you mad please call Lois Sprays at 1-855-TWO-WING. There’s no one here by that name, but we’ll know you’re unhappy already and will try not to make it worse.
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