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    ” . . . The thrill of flying with Olive will stay with me always . . . . 


“We really had the best time – it was such a treat and a great way to celebrate my birthday weekend!!  I’ve already told my Mom about today’s adventure – she’s quite envious!  I told her that the next time she’s over on holiday we’ll come back and do it together.  Thank you for being so accommodating and making our day.”  (Rebecca 3/2021)

  • When my daughter asked how I liked it, I told her I didn’t want to come down and everyone should do this. Thanks Biggles for making it a flawless experience. It was pretty obvious he was right at home in that seat.” (Steve)
  •  This is something very special and very different to do – flying above the coast like a bird. We saw the city of SD silhouetted in the distance, La Jolla, the Cove, Swami’s, Moonlight beach, a school of dolphins . . . What a beautiful wonderful ride & special gift. If you need something very special to give for Xmas this is it!!  (Dede)
  • “Thank you so much for a wonderful day. Your entire team was remarkable. It will be a memory that will last a lifetime for our family.”  Rich M/Vista
  • “Sky high fun in Carlsbad – Fun Flights is the best attraction in the Carlsbad area. My son and I went on the Del Mar delight tour. The flying time for the tour from take until landing was 30 minutes just as advertised. The ride was the thrill of a lifetime. The staff of Fun Flights was friendly and made sure our flight was perfect.”  R and M/Florida on TripAdvisor
  • “Photos were awesome  thank you very much.  And seriously, best excursion we had in San Diego!!!!”  Khaled and Anna, LouisianaKiss
  • “Thank you so much for the great photos and the amazing experience!We enjoyed it so much … we can’t quit talking about it. And it wasn’t just the ride … the entire experience was special. You’ve helped etch a cherished experience in our minds and hearts forever. Mitzi J/Florida
  • “You all are the best!  So much fun.  We loved visiting and the ride was out of this world.  Thank you!!”  Leslie B/Oklahoma
  • “Thanks for helping to make our day awesome! I really appreciate it!”  Jake/Tennessee
  • “Great!!  Beautiful way to see the coast.  We truly enjoyed our time.”  Nick B/Oklahoma
  • “This was fabulous!! Would recommend this to anyone. I enjoyed the flight, got to fly the plane a bit and fun aerial view. Still thinking about it today!”  Phebe/Escondido
  • “Kids had a blast and I’m sure they’ll remember this always. Thanks for the pics too” Steven P/Oceanside
  • Thumbsup“Don’t miss this extraordinary experience.  Fun Flights at McClellan Palomar Airport offers rides in an open cockpit biplane originally manufactured in 1929.  The tachometer that our pilot Russ used is the same kind that Charles Lindbergh used. Ride was so smooth as we flew over Torrey Pines Golf Course, Del Mar Race Track, La Jolla etc  If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to do in San Diego this is perfect.” Rosemarie L/San Diego
  • “I’m not a pilot, but an airplane enthusiast. Fun Flights at the Palomar Airport offers rides in a biplane originally manufactured for airline pilot training in 1929. . . . Flying in it is an extraordinary experience, both in terms of seeing sights from an open cockpit, the gentle smoothness of the ride and the fact that you are doing it in a bit of aviation history.” Martin F/Illinois
  • “Thank you so much!!  It was such a beautiful day!  I had so much fun, I can’t wait to go again and bring my sisters!  Thanks for all the pictures, they are awesome!
  • You guys are so nice and generous I’ve been recommending you to everyone at work already”   Vicki S/Santee
  • “My husband had a great birthday . . . He is still walking on clouds!!! Your photos are fabulous . . .
  • “I was thrilled to have the privilege to fly in such a wonderful and beautiful machine!  The joy your team brought will have an everlasting memory for my son and I!”Bill H/San Diego
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